Cider fruit collection plants

Apples and pears cannot be compared. But with our cider fruit collection plants, this will soon be possible. Because the handling of different orchard fruits will be taken to a new level by these plants. This begins with simultaneous weighting while accepting the fruit and ends with the filling of the silos e.g. through drop chutes. Depending upon the model you have the possibility to book the fruits or charge it as juice. The integrated weighing unit reduces the receiving time greatly in the process and increases the product handling vis-à-vis the conventional cider fruit collection.

Our calibratable cider fruit collection plant are completely built to suit your individual needs. Be it for stationary or mobile application. And that too in all imaginable sizes (capacity and hourly output), in mild steel, high-grade steel or combination (product contact material in high-grade steel). But in any case in high class quality combined with years of experience!

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Highlights of our cider fruit collection plant at a glance:

  • Cider fruit receiving with simultaneous weighting
  • Filling of silos e.g. through drop chutes
  • Fruits can be booked or charged as juice
  • Integrated weighing unit ensures reduced receiving time at the same time increasing the product handling
  • For mobile or stationary application
  • In mild steel, high-grade steel or a combination