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Conveyor belts

A large variety of conveyor belts are available. But very few with our quality standards. Whether you need belt widths from 100 mm to 2 meters or more, mobile with chassis or for stationary use - all the conveyor belts we manufacture have one thing in common ...

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Conveyor systems

EDORA conveyor systems are complete systems of high quality from one source. And not only that: Our conveyor systems are custom-made for your requirements and handed over on a turnkey basis. With our systems, you can process your ...

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Sludge belts

Our vast experience shows that sludge belts must be able to withstand particularly harsh requirements. To ensure this, we develop your individually designed system with highly durable materials: In stainless steel or ...

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Cider fruit collection plants

Apples and pears cannot be compared. But with our cider fruit collection plants, this will soon be possible. Because the handling of different orchard fruits will be taken to a new level by these plants. This begins with simultaneous weighting while accepting the fruit and ends with the filling of the silos ...

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Heavy duty belts

In addition to all types of conveyor belts, we can also develop conveyor belt designs for large support distances up to 30 meters and beyond. We thereby ensure an extremely robust construction for rugged daily use with a very high hourly output ...

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Special equipment

Our special equipment, like all our products, are manufactured with the best quality, are easy to maintain and upgrade. We develop each system and each single device, specially customised to the requirements of our customers...

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Our Partner for Labeling

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