Conveyor belts

A large variety of conveyor belts are available. But very few with our quality standards. Whether you need belt widths from 100 mm to 2 meters or more, mobile with chassis or for stationary use - all the conveyor belts we manufacture have one thing in common: They are robust, versatile and unique in structure, complexity and design. We use only high quality materials, premium vendor parts such as motors, bearings, etc. and provide you with extremely low maintenance and reliable products.

We manufacture our conveyor belts exactly as per your individual requirements. Whether for potatoes, onions, grains or for transporting wooden elements of various qualities, lengths and sizes. Whether for use in the food industry, fertiliser storage, loading of bulk materials or other application areas, for recycling plants, wine pressing plants, processing and packing plants and many other industries.

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Highlights of our conveyor belts at a glance:

  • Belt width of 100 mm to 2 m and more
  • In steel or stainless steel
  • For mobile or stationary use
  • Conveyor belts in various designs in the required quality
  • Conveyor belts tailor-made according to product and operational requirements
  • To convey various products such as potatoes, onions, carrots, grains and wood
  • Conveyor belts for various industries, from food industry to the recycling industry, for sole proprietorship or large industrial concerns.