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We count several well-known companies from different industries among the customers of our conveyor technology solutions. From sole proprietorship to industries, within the country and abroad. Our longstanding customers come from the bulk materials, food processing and recycling industry, we also serve wine pressing plants, processing and packing plants as well as convenience-food manufacturers, direct marketers such as farms and agricultural enterprises.

Each one of our products from the traditional domain of processing technology is manufactured after taking into consideration the specific requirements of our customers. From the dump body to the packing plant, from completely new products to the optimisation of existing systems. Our customers benefit thereby from our quality standards and our decades of experience.

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Industries at a glance:

  • From sole proprietorship to industries
  • Bulk goods industry
  • Food industry
  • Recycling industry
  • Wine pressing plants
  • Processing and packing plants
  • Convenience-food manufacturers
  • Direct marketers such as farms etc.
  • Agricultural enterprises